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What is Graphoanalysis? Know from the Best Graphologist in Kolkata

Handwriting analyzing can tell a lot about personality. Large companies use graphology (handwriting analyzing) to check job applications, and the police use them to determine any fraudulent activities. Graphology, if used properly, can even help a person to find his/her perfect partner through a successful marriage.

Graphology or Handwriting Analysis is a science of interpreting a person’s character from his/her handwriting. Coupled with psychology and knowledge of human behaviour, it can be used for many varied purposes. For example, Recruitment, Marriage compatibility, Career Guidance, Motivate workers, Child development etc.

Graph analysis is a scientific system of identifying and assessing the character and personality of an individual through a study of handwriting. The techniques used are based on a well-defined, standardized method of:

• Identifying the risk of strokes or heart attack in human body.
• Relating these strokes to specific personality traits, and evaluating the relative strength of the interrelated traits.

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