Promoting Health through Vastu: Consult the Best Astrologer in Kolkata

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Promoting Health through Vastu Shastra: Consult the Best Astrologer in Kolkata

January 23rd, 2021 | 0 Comments

The best astrologer in Kolkata says that health is most important for all of us and we should take care of the same. It takes the primary part of our everyday life and is directly responsible for our success. Although everybody will say that health has an excellent relation to food or water intake, some other aspects are still unknown to the common man. It doesn’t matter where you prefer your workplace or your home; you have to provide a proper flow of positive energy and reduce the negative ones. The best astrologer in Kolkata, Shri Indraraj Priyam says that Vastu helps in the free-flow of positive energy into our houses/offices. 

Achieve a Healthy Life through Vastu Shastra

  1. Consider Placing an Image of Lord Hanuman

Hindu mythology considers Lord Hanuman to be someone who protects the health of human beings. Hence, if we place the image of Lord Hanuman in our houses’ southern direction, we can promote our health or wellness.

  1. Sleep in the Right Position

Apart from the point mentioned above, India’s best astrologer says that you also need to consider sleeping in the right direction or position. This includes keeping your head towards the southern tip is essential for staying healthy.

  1. Allow the Free-Flow of Positive Energy

Vastu Shastra says that our houses’ centermost position is regarded as “Brahmasthan” – which is the most critical position. For being healthy, you should avoid putting furniture items in the Brahmasthan, so that positive energy can flow freely.

  1. Avoid Placing Overhead House Beams or Check the Same

In Vastu Shastra, it is believed that overhead beams block a considerable amount of positive energy if they are placed at the centermost position. They are also responsible for securing our mind’s positive communication as well. Hence, the best Vastu consultant in Kolkata says that we cannot put overhead beams in our houses’ centre position.

  1. Take Extra Care about the House Gates

For promoting good health, you should consider building your house gate at the same level as that of your house boundary. Also, it is recommended to grow fruits rich in citric acid on the boundary sides as well.

  1. Consider Building Proper Staircases

It would help if you never considered building staircases in the house’s middle position because it causes significant health-related issues for house owners. It would help if you thought about making them sideways – said by the best astrologer in Kolkata.

  1. Consider Keeping Reiki Crystals

You can also keep Reiki crystals in the centermost position of your house for promoting your health. Reiki therapy deals with natural healing, and these crystals help in the healing process.

  1. Lightning of a Candle in Our Houses

For the free-flow of positive energy into your house, you should light a candle in the south-eastern direction every day. This symbolizes your house’s illumination and helps in your healing process as well.

Promoting Health through Vastu Shastra: Consult the Best Astrologer in Kolkata
Article Name
Promoting Health through Vastu Shastra: Consult the Best Astrologer in Kolkata
Promoting Health through Vastu Shastra: Consult the Best Astrologer in Kolkata
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Shri Indraraj Priyam
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