Astrology & Medical Science's Co-Relation from Best Astrologer in Kolkata

We Deeply Regret the Passing Away of Shri Indraraj Priyam on 12th May 2021 Due to Extreme COVID Pneumonia. Henceforth, this Page Will be Handled by his Team to Serve his Memory and Continue to Provide Useful Astrology Tips for FREE


Know-How, we Can Co-Relate Astrology and Medical Science from the Best Astrologer in Kolkata

January 11th, 2021 | 0 Comments

The best astrologer in Kolkata says that astrology is not a traditional scientific subject related to a particular space. According to Shri Indraraj Priyam, astrology can be defined as a multi-dimensional scope that had its importance from the pre-historic times. Moreover, he says that astrology has the diversified itself into different branches like medical, matrimony, election, mundane and horary. Even the great scientists in the world have agreed that specific subtle forces act upon our body. According to the best astrologer in Kolkata, astrology is mainly based on the study of these forces. As per medical science is concerned, astrology has a very vast relation with the same from decades. Before modern astrology, medical professionals had to gather a comprehensive knowledge of astrology and match their prescriptions accordingly.

With all due respect to medical science, we can say that it has done wonders to our lives in the form of saving us from different hardships to various other kinds. However, some limitations cannot be avoided for medical science as well. Some great doctors sometimes find it difficult to diagnose diseases and also the upcoming ones. The best astrologer in India says that is something which is not expected from astrology. Through astrology, it is possible to tell about some diseases that prevail in the body and tell about the upcoming ones in the future. This is where astrology is sometimes ahead in race than medical science for it helps you in prevention rather than focus on finding a cure. The most exciting fact about Astrology is that it can help you prevent and provide the same for your family members.

The best astrologer in Bangalore says that it is quite possible for every human being to get affected with diseases through today’s environment. While finding the inconsistency that arises in the human body, it is essential to know about different planet’s significations with the other actions it can cause. The best astrologers believe that the worlds that play a significant role in inviting diseases in human bodies and other types of conditions are signed to them as per their nature. Similarly, some of India’s best astrologers also classified different zodiac signs with diseases that can affect them. Given below are some points that describe other planets and the other parts of the body it controls. Read along the facts to know about them in detail and consult the best astrologer in Kolkata to know if that affects your zodiac sign:

  1. Sun: Heart, Eyesight, Eyes in General, and Other General Body Parts.
  2. Moon: Breast, Kidney, Head, Chest, Mind, Body Water and the Heart.
  3. Mars: Blood, Bone Marrow, Veins, Blood Pressure, Anger, Menstrual Cycle, Anger.
  4. Mercury: Tongue, Mouth, Chest, Arms, Spinal Cord, Gall Bladder, Skin, Memory.
  5. Jupiter: Liver, Kidney, Fat, Right Ear, Diabetes.
  6. Saturn: Every Type of Joints, Knee Cap, Knee Joint, Muscle Pain and Arthritis.
  7. Venus: Eye Problem, Pigmentation Problem, Teeth Problem, Hair, Limbs, Bones, Wrinkles, Ageing.
  8. Rahu: Dental Problem, Genitals, Execratory System, Suicidal Mind.
  9. Ketu: Feet Problems, Execratory Human Organs and Impotency.

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